See What our Customers Are Saying About Us!

See What our Customers Are Saying About Us!
Kevin W.

My wife and I finally found this place. Apparently they tried to open right before the pandemic shut everything down.

Such a shame as this place is amazing. Now my wife and I tend to go overboard when trying a new place so don't judge. We got the calamari, their cream of mushroom soup, loaded potato soup, crab dip, crabby patty sandwich, and the Italiano. To say the least, about half the menu.

This was the best food we've had in a year. It was fantastic. The calamari had such a great flavor with a little kick. The potato soup was perfect with bacon and cheese. What more could you want. The salads that came with the entrees, were so flavorful. Because they were so good, I have to check out their salads next time. Now, yes we over ordered but yes it was so worth it. We will be back. This is the kind of food I've been missing.

Marisol L.

YUM-ohhhhhh. Just ordered from Good Mojo again. Crab and corn soup, almost drank it all in one gulp it was so good. Their house salad is so delicous with slivers of beets and green olives that I have ordered it multiple times as my meal because it's so yummy. My son ordered his favorite crabcake sandwich with homemade chips!!!!!
Cheryl recommended crab and corn chowder because the potato soup has bacon, and it's Lent but you better believe I will be ordering the loaded potato soup next!!!! Cookies a bonus!!!!!
Love me some Cheryl, always very sweet, courteous and just a lovely person to speak to when placing my order. 5 Stars!!! (Only because that's Yelp's highest rating!)

Anne S.

YESSSSS!!! Finally a REAL chef making really freaking amazing food within the 5 mile palette wasteland radius in which I live! The menu: contemporary and even whimsical; very fair price points! The ingredients: This chef knows what quality looks like. The Mahi Mahi in the fish taco was either never frozen or not frozen for long because it tasted like fresh fish and was just slightly coated in crumbs for crunch. I'd LOVE that same fish in a sandwich with one of their buttery, French-ee fresh brioche rolls! And what-WHAT, HOME MADE potato dang Brooklyn and so delicious. They're generous with these chips too- such a nice touch. Also, chocolate chip cookies. These cookies were obviously made with LOVE. They have family meal specials on some weekdays that look fantastic. P.S. I'm a trained chef.

Lola W.

I fell in love with the lady at the register! She was so friendly & helpful. The menu was full of great choices! I ordered the crab cakes, firecracker calamari & this amazing bread pudding!!! Omg, the bread pudding made my day!!!

Alec L.

Wow came because of the nice reviews here and Good Mojo did not disappoint! Food is absolutely delicious, everything is high quality and top notch. Had pasta special gnocchi with short ribs, sushi grade rare tuna, grilled salmon over brussel sprouts and started with voo-doo chicken wings. Will be back.

Rasmeet C.

Had lunch outside here on a weekend and everything was delicious. I had the fish tacos and the fish and pineapple salsa were fresh. The fried chicken sandwich looked great too. We are those too quickly to take photos but we did get a photo of our delicious cookie pie we had for dessert. It came with some cookie dough!

Boris G.

The food was awesome, most flavorful calamari I think I've ever had, the sauce provided is different than the typical spicy mayo, made in-house and what a kick. Tacos were fantastic, the fish was lightly fried but so crispy and perfectly cooked inside, salsa was a nice combination of flavors. The short rib tacos were also a fantastic combo of flavors. I didn't care for the rice that came with the tacos as part of the family dinner on its own, but with the calamari sauce to spice it up it was good. Will absolutely be back. The owner was very nice, we spoke for a bit and their name needs to get out quick so go eat, be amazed and tell all your friends.

Pamela P.

First time trying this place... And we loved it! The waitress was super attentive and even offered us extra bread for our toddler. The food was outstanding !

Amuck A.

We couldn't figure out where to eat so, on a lark, we tried Good Mojo. Every single thing was just outstanding!!! The Sriracha Cauliflower was astoundingly good as were all of our dinners and the desserts. Oh the desserts... so good! And the owners and staff were just about the nicest people you could meet! Everyone go eat there!